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das Referenz

Wikipedia on your iPad—better than ever!

Encyclopedias have always showcased culture and style:

Das Referenz strives to build on this heritage. With an eye for detail, Das Referenz puts Wikipedia’s vast amount of knowledge into a sleek package of clear layouts, world-class typography, and playful interactions.

This is one of our vintage apps,
so it’s not available on the App Store any more.

“There’s an old-world charm to das Referenz that makes it the go-to choice as a Wikipedia reader on the iPad.”
“The app is super sleek.”
Cult of Mac
“The app is, indeed, sleek.”
“If you love spending your time browsing through pages and pages of content on Wikipedia, das Referenz is a godsend. Navigating through the app is fun and easy.”
Beautiful Pixels
Search Results

Yes, dear: typography!

Ligatures. Hyphenation. Educated quotes.
You name it, we’ve got it. Custom fonts? Of course!
Das Referenz comes with 12 fonts:
Marat—an incredibly fresh font family with 8 styles.
CamingoCode—another amazing font family, comes in 4 styles just for monospaced text.

Beautiful layout

We have studied the layout of old books. Many old books. That’s why Das Referenz is cutting-edge vintage. Images are on the left, and the article text is on the right. Period. A clean layout is just so much more pleasant to read.

Love for the details

If you look closely, you will find many stylistic hints of the golden age of ten-thousand page-long encyclopædias. Article pictures are black and white—until you touch them and zoom in.
And of course, the placement of every pixel on the screen has been carefully considered.

Efficiency and fun

We know how much you value a polished user interface that asks no stupid questions. We at Raureif are Wikipedia addicts ourselves, so we know how to remove everything that would get in your way.

Navigation pleasure

Move back and forth between the search and articles with natural swipe gestures. Jump to any chapter with the TOC dropdown. The language switcher shows the title of the current article in other languages—what a fun way to learn German! Or French. Or Italian. Or…


For many articles, Das Referenz pulls additional data from Wikipedia’s latest endeavor: Wikidata. You’ll find timelines in articles on historical figures and celebrities. We will add additional interesting information and visualizations in the future—can’t wait to show you!

Pssst…there’s a brand-new Wikipedia app by Raureif. Check it out »

das Referenz—the Wikipedia reader that even Erik might like.

Use this bookmarklet to open any Wikipedia article from iOS Safari in Das Referenz.